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Say hello to Baseplate…

Baseplate is a simple and sensible baseline for web projects and is perfect for everything from quick protoyping to production-ready sites. It is intentionally sparse in its feature set and allows you to quickly and easily bolt on the additional functionality you may need.

Sounds great! Tell me more.

Baseplate combines the best parts of a number of open-source projects including:

So, with all those great things included, what can it do?

Using Baseplate, you can quickly get up and running with a front-end development environment. There are two sets of tasks one for local development and one for production.

The development tasks include:

  • HTML includes
  • Sass sourcemaps and compilation
  • JavaScript linting
  • Live-reloading in the browser

The production tasks include:

  • HTML minification
  • JavaScript uglification and concatenation
  • Image optimization
  • CSS minification

That all sounds awesome, but how do I get started?

This project makes the following assumptions:

In a terminal window, run npm install to get all of the project dependencies.

When all of the dependencies have been installed, you can run gulp dev to fire up the development environment and start building. You should add new files and edit the existing files in the app folder. When you save, the browser window will update with your changes. When you are ready to deploy your changes, you can run gulp prod, which will create production-ready files in a newly created public folder.